A Pretty story about love!

Hi guys today I am not going to post advice or anything, but I am going to write this pretty story that was sent to me by an unknowned person. So here it goes!

I sit here silently and watch you in the moonlight in the pond as bright as a star. I listened to the wolves howl and my heart was set a blaze. The warmth of the glow that you gave me made my world spin around, and for that moment on I loved you. Fantastic you are the world stops as you run by, but you stop and come closer and closer until you are right next to me. Then all of a sudden we leaned in and kissed and it was magical. That day I loved you even more and years later we got married and lived happily ever after.

There you have it but it's not edited so thats why its kinda crazy. Oh well.



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Comments (1)

  1. criplemike

    Very cute! I liked it.

    February 17, 2014